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Bankruptcy, Chatbot Sass & Antimanipulation w/Keith Blakemore-Noble

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the IT Smart Guy Podcast. In this episode, we will talk about a few things that have happened in the tech world recently around a telecoms mainstay filing for bankruptcy and how AI chatbots have taken the world by storm recently… but seem to have gotten a bit too sassy with users… Normally we would then go on to the Brain Dump… but instead I have a special treat in store… we have Mr Keith Blakemore-Noble joining us to talk a little bit about his journey in IT; and how he moved into the NLP and Hypnosis arena before moving on to talk about his upcoming book Antimanipulation. Finally as always - at the end I’ll be sharing my Tip of the Episode.

Episode Notes

As we get better at the Podcast Thing - we will add more stuff in here.

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00:00 - Introduction

01:04 - In the News

07:12 - The Interview

54:23 - Tip of the Episode

56:23 - Outro